Parenting is Messy… But There is Hope – How Not to Parent – Genesis 27 – Livestream for 10/23/22

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Small Group Guide:

Open with prayer.

Go around and give everyone a chance to share about how the past week has been. What’s one highlight? What’s one lowlight?

If your small group has talked about it before, feel free to use this time to hold people accountable to what they’ve asked to be held accountable for previously, and go through the “missional” part of this discussion guide.

Throughout this sermon series we will look at 4 examples of parenting in God’s Word. In this passage of God’s Word, we see one of the worst examples in all of Scripture. In fact, this story seems more like it came from a day-time soap opera. By taking a look at this story though, we can some major mistakes when it comes to parenting:

Genesis 25:27-28

When the boys grew up, Esau was a skillful hunter, a man of the field, while Jacob was a quiet man, dwelling in tents. 28 Isaac loved Esau because he ate of his game, but Rebekah loved Jacob.

  • 1. Don’t have favorites

Genesis 27:5-10

Now Rebekah was listening when Isaac spoke to his son Esau. So when Esau went to the field to hunt for game and bring it, Rebekah said to her son Jacob, “I heard your father speak to your brother Esau, ‘Bring me game and prepare for me delicious food, that I may eat it and bless you before the Lord before I die.’ Now therefore, my son, obey my voice as I command you. Go to the flock and bring me two good young goats, so that I may prepare from them delicious food for your father, such as he loves. 10 And you shall bring it to your father to eat, so that he may bless you before he dies.”

  • 2. Don’t have disunity in your marriage

Genesis 27:41-45

Now Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father had blessed him, and Esau said to himself, “The days of mourning for my father are approaching; then I will kill my brother Jacob.” 42 But the words of Esau her older son were told to Rebekah. So she sent and called Jacob her younger son and said to him, “Behold, your brother Esau comforts himself about you by planning to kill you. 43 Now therefore, my son, obey my voice. Arise, flee to Laban my brother in Haran 44 and stay with him a while, until your brother’s fury turns away— 45 until your brother’s anger turns away from you, and he forgets what you have done to him. Then I will send and bring you from there. Why should I be bereft of you both in one day?”

  • 3. Don’t have a lack of prayer

These fatal mistakes will lead to:

  1. People having anxiety
  2. Dissension and resentment
  3. Everyone loosing

Discussion Time:

  1. Where are you in the scope of parenting? Are you a parent? Grandparent? Future parent? Are you a support of other parents by being an uncle, aunt, a cousin, friend, teacher, mentor, ect.? Take some time to jot down those specific names down.
  2. Keeping in mind your list from question #1, how well do you pray for each person? Take some time to pray over your entire list, and brainstorm how you might pray more consistently for everyone on your list.
  3. If you are a parent who is married, how well unified are you and your spouse? What would help the unity in your marriage? What steps can you specifically take towards being more unified as a married couple?
  4. What is your biggest take away from this passage of God’s Word? What did God teach you? Do you feel led to put anything into action? If so, what, and what practical step(s) do you need to take to be obedient to what God has led you to do? Who can keep you accountable to accomplishing this?

Prayer Time:

Pray for each other in your small group to be faithful take the step(s) that you shared above. Pray for each other and the interactions that they have with those who don’t know Jesus. Pray that God would soften the people’s hearts to what He has for them. Pray that God would give everyone opportunities to share the Gospel.

Staying Missional:

Share spiritual/missional conversations you’ve had where you live, work, and play:

Who did you have a conversation with that took a spiritual/missional turn this week?
What questions did you ask to discover where God is at work in their life, even if they are not aware?
How were you able to share your story of life change or how you have experienced Jesus?
How can you be intentional this week with people where you live, work, and play to have spiritual/missional conversations if the opportunity arises?
Who in your life do you think could be discipleable or open to spiritual/missional conversations?

What’s next?

Discuss the next step for your small group. When will we gather again and what purpose will it fulfill?